Japanese Lucky Cat - Maneki Neko

White/Gold/Black Maneki Neko Lucky Cat - The Famous Japanese Beckoning Cat

From the earliest of Japanese history, many stories have been told about Lucky Cat. The Japanese Maneki Neko (lucky cat) is known for bringing good fortune, happiness, and prosperity. In English, "Maneki" means beckoning and "Neko" means cat.

In Japan, the Maneki Neko is the most popular decoration at the entrances of homes and in store windows. The people of Japan use them as mascots, to bring good fortune, invite happiness, and bring prosperity to businesses.

Unlock the Meanings Behind Japanese Lucky Cat Colors:

  • White Lucky Cat: invites happiness.
  • Golden Lucky Cat: brings intense wealth.
  • Black Lucky Cat: gets rid of bad lucks.
  • Cat raising its left hand: invites customers to business.
  • Cat raising right hand: invites prosperity.
  • Calico Cat: Traditionally considered to be the luckiest cat
  • Bandana cat collar and bell: Symbol of abundance
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