Beer Steins

Beer Steins in German Traditional Styles

Beer steins or steins are traditional German beer mugs made out of stoneware. In German the word stein means stone. Steins may be made out of stoneware, pewter, porcelain, or even silver, wood or crystal glass. They are commonly sold as souvenirs or collectibles. They can have either an open top or a hinged pewter lid with a thumb-lever. Steins usually come in sizes of a half liter or a full liter. They are often decorated with German or Bavarian designs.

German Traditional Steins

Heidelberg Beer Stein, 9H


Heidelberg Beer Stein, 9"H


Munich Beer Stein, 9H


Munich Beer Stein, 9"H

$115.00    Sold Out

Neuschwanstein Beer Stein, 8-3/4H


Neuschwanstein Beer Stein, 8-3/4"H

$100.00    Sold Out

Muenchen Beer Stein, 6-1/2H


Muenchen Beer Stein, 6-1/2"H

$55.00    Sold Out

Heidelberg Beer Stein, 6-1/2H


Heidelberg Beer Stein, 6-1/2"H


Augsburg Beer Stein, 6-1/2H


Augsburg Beer Stein, 6-1/2"H


Nuernberg Beer Stein, 6-1/2H


Nuernberg Beer Stein, 6-1/2"H

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Old German Beer Stein, 6-1/2H


Old German Beer Stein, 6-1/2"H


Limited Edition German Steins

German Beer Mugs

Assorted German City Crest Mugs, 5-3/4H


Assorted German City Crest Mugs, 5-3/4"H


Assorted Germany Brewery Label Mugs, 5-3/4H


Assorted Germany Brewery Label Mugs, 5-3/4"H

$135.00/SET    Sold Out