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African Sculptures

Shona Stone Sculptures from Zimbabwe

African sculptures made of shona stone are one of the most significant art forms to emerge from Southern Africa. This form of artwork is named after the Shona Tribe of Zimbabwe, where world-renown sculptors create these carvings. HappyMall is proud to offer this line of authentic African sculptures that feature both realistic and abstract art of both people and animals. Examples of such beautiful African carvings include the loving family, beloved couple, and wild animal collections. Each sculpture is hand-carved by a different artist who has infused their own artistic touch into each one-of-a-kind piece. Therefore each African figurine may differ slightly from the photos shown below. These exquisite sculptures make beautiful showpieces, decorations, gifts, and plaques to celebrate achievements and loved ones, or show appreciation. Your unique piece will serve as a great addition to, or start of any collection of African sculptures. We hope you enjoy these masterpieces as much as we do.

African Sculpture - Mother & Child
Mother & Child Sculptures
  • Stone sculpture expressing caring, loving and embracing of mother to child
African Sculpture - Couple
Couple Sculptures
  • Kissing Couple
  • Dancing Couple
  • Soul Mates, Waltz, and Others
African Sculpture - Animal
Animal Sculptures
  • Kissing Giraffes and Animal Families
  • Others Wild Life Animals
African Sculpture - Abstract
Contemporary Sculptures
  • One of a Kind Artistic Creation