Glass Beer Stein with Pewter Lid - Mallard, 7-1/4"H

Glass Beer Stein with Pewter Lid - Mallard, 7-1/4H

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  • This glass stein is decorated with etched-style wrap-around of Mallard by wildlife artist James Meger
  • Glass blank made in Italy; all other components made in Germany
  • Starburst, light-reflecting bottom of stein.
  • Size: 7-1/4" Height; Capcity: 18 oz
  • Lid: 95% Zinn
  • Aluminum hops and malt lid.
  • Net Weight: 2 pounds
  • Made in Germany

Glass Mallard Stein
This scene was also painted by James A. Meger and features two pair of mallards. A drake and hen are ascending on the left side of the stein, while another pair swim patiently on the right side. The pewter embossed lid features one duck in flight. Pewter duck head thumblift.

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