Japanese Chokin Plates, 4"D

Chokin Art Collection from Japan

Chokin art has a long history in Japanese culture. These gilded plates are collected around the world. In the 12th century, Japanese chokin artists used chokin art to decorate armor, weapons and other military supplies of notable samurai. Today chokin art is commonly used for various different items such as plates, vases, compact mirrors, and other accessories and décor. Chokin designs can range from scenes of fierce dragons to gentle blossoms and landscapes.

Original style chokin is referring when the engraving is done on silver/gold color background, and the new style chokin is not.

4" Plates - New Chokin Plates

Pagoda Theme, 4 Chokin Plate


Pagoda Theme, 4" Chokin Plate

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Geisha Theme, 4 Chokin Plate


Geisha Theme, 4" Chokin Plate

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4" Plates - Original Chokin Plates