Origami Paper

Discovering the Beauty and Versatility of Washi Paper through the Art of Origami

The word rigami is Japanese, literally meaning to fold (oru) paper (kami). Origami is both a craft and an art.

Washi paper is a unique Japanese paper that is strong and tear resistant and yet very beautiful. The basic raw materials of washi paper is produced from the bark fibers of three shrubs native to Japan. Under microscope, these fibers go to all directions and thus make the washi paper strong and tear resistant. The skills of dying and art of the patterns make the washi paper beautiful. Washi paper is versatile in its application, which includes interior designs, crafts, decors, etc. The hard work of producting hand made washi paper has driven the art slowly dying after generations at Japan. Today, Often times washi paper is reserved only for the most valued of a folder's creation.

Yuzen patterns were originally designed for the textile industry for the production of kimonos garments. Yuzen washi papers are thus washi papers applied with hand-silkscreened Yuzen patterns. In addition, rice paper is misnomer term commonly used for washi, or Japanese papers. The reason is simply that Japanese paper is not made of rice at all.

Origami Paper

6 48 sheets Origami Paper


6" 48 sheets Origami Paper

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Origami Washi Paper

6 40 sheets Origami Yuzen Washi Paper


6" 40 sheets Origami Yuzen Washi Paper

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6 20 sheets Origami Yuzen Washi Paper


6" 20 sheets Origami Yuzen Washi Paper

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