Daruma Doll - The Japanese Wishing Doll

Daruma Doll - The symbol of undaunted spirit against failure (implied meaning of an inspiring way to help us achieve our wish and goal with good luck)

The Daruma is a doll representing a Buddhist preiest generally wrapped up in a red cloth. It is on sale at every toy-shop in Japan. The doll has no legs, but it is made in such a way with a weight in it that it will immediately return to an upright position every time it is knocked down. Hence the doll is also called "okiagari-koboshi" meaning a bonze who can easily get up. The doll is therefore used as a luck-bringer by orthodox Japanese, who consider it to be symbolical of an undaunted spirit against failure. They will keep, at a conspicuous place in the house, a Daruma doll of papier-mache, which has two blank eyes, ie. without the pupils or which has its eyes covered with a piece of paper. When a prayer is answered or an object achieved, the paper is removed and the pupils are put with black Indian ink in the blank eyes.

cited from WE JAPANESE

Daruma Dolls Made by Paper Mache - Traditionally Made Dolls

Daruma Doll, Extra-Large 11-1/2H


Daruma Doll, Extra-Large 11-1/2"H

$99.00    Sold Out

Daruma Doll, 11H


Daruma Doll, 11"H

$85.00    Sold Out

Daruma Doll, 10H


Daruma Doll, 10"H

$70.00    Sold Out

Daruma Doll, 9-1/2H


Daruma Doll, 9-1/2"H

$62.00    Sold Out

Daruma Doll, 8H


Daruma Doll, 8"H

$36.00    Sold Out

Daruma Doll, 7H


Daruma Doll, 7"H

$30.00    Sold Out

Daruma Doll, 6H


Daruma Doll, 6"H

$23.00    Sold Out

Daruma Doll, 4-1/2H


Daruma Doll, 4-1/2"H


Small Daruma Doll, 3-1/2H


Small Daruma Doll, 3-1/2"H


Mini Daruma Doll, 2H


Mini Daruma Doll, 2"H


Daruma Doll Gifts

Mini Daruma Doll, 2-1/2H


Mini Daruma Doll, 2-1/2"H

$6.00    Sold Out

Daruma Doll Gift, Night Light - 6L


Daruma Doll Gift, Night Light - 6"L