Glass Beer Stein - Souvenir of USA, 7-1/4"H

Glass Beer Stein - Souvenir of USA, 7-1/4H



  • Glass Stein mug with Lid
  • Material: Glassware
  • Size: 7-1/4" Height; Volume: 0.50L
  • Glass blank made in Italy, all other components made in Germany.

Most of our items will be shipped out from California, USA in one or two business days.

This USA stein features an embossed pewter applique of a proud bald eagle perched upon a "USA" banner is permanently attached to the glass body. On the stein glass, the stars and stripes are the inspiration for the red/white/blue 3-color print that is high fired and wraps around the stein's glass body. Laurel wreaths and bunting complete the body design. The embossed pewter lid is decorated with an eagle clutching arrows and wreaths in its talons and holding an "E. PLURIBUS UNUM" banner in its beak. A USA shield completes the lid design. The border of the lid is decorated with alternating stars and eagle feathers. Starburst, light-reflecting bottom of stein.

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