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Heidelberg Commemorative Beer Stein, 10"H

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  ITEM-NO: STN-6242
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  • 10" Height
  • Stoneware, three-dimensional, entirely hand painted design.
  • Made in Germany

This stein is the tenth edition in the limited-edition series entitled "Germany's Most Beautiful Citadels, Castles, and Buildings" It celebrates Germany's oldest University city. A full panoramic view of Heidelberg, meticulously sculpted in three-dimensional exaggerated relief, encompasses the entire stein body.

The gateway to the Neckar River Bridge, the Tower of the Church of the Holy Ghost and the old Neckar School are all depicted. The romantic Neckar River is seen flowing around the stein and under the beautiful arches of the Neckar Bridge.

The main feature of this stein is the Heidelberg Castle. Destroyed by French troops in 1689, its reconstruction stopped years later when lightning further damaged the building. Because the repairs were never completed, the ruins are still visible today.

The stein is made of finest grade stoneware and is entirely hand painted. Hand painted miniature Heidelberg Castle is mounted on the pewter lid. Made in England. This stein is a limited edition of 9,000 pieces. Each piece is registered, individually numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity.