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Stone Sculpture New Arrivals
California Refrigerator Magnet - Large CA Map
Hawaiian Dashboard Hula Doll Dancing - Green Skirt , 7"H
Los Angeles Chokin Plate - Blue/Black, 6"D
Hollywood Movie Clapboard Acrylic Key Chain
Los Angeles Magnet - LA License Plate, Metal
11.5"H - Statue of Liberty Metal Replica in Pewter
African Sculpture - Stone Family 8 heads, 12"H Shona Stone
Cats in Waiting - PVC Kitchen Apron
was: $22.00
now: $16.00
Big Ben Miniature Replica, 8.6"H
was: $24.00
now: $17.00
"What boots up..." Computer Sitter
Plastic Eiffel Tower Model - Ornament Covered with Glitter, 6"H
22" Eiffel Tower Statue with Clock
was: $40.00
now: $32.00
Jewish Hanukkah - Porcelain Dreidel Trinket Box

Delft Blue Decorative Windmills & More

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The Netherlands is famous for its beautiful windmills and with around 1200 of them still around today, it has become and iconic symbol of Holland. The oldest mill is said to have been around since the 8th century. These ceramic replicas of the windmills in Holland are crafted with care and detail, making them a great gift or souvenir.
Holland Souvenirs

Delft Blue Decorative Windmill, Bank
Sold Out
Tealight Windmill
Sold Out
Christmas Ornaments

Deflt Blue Santa Christmas Ornament, 3.25 H
price: $7.00
sale: $4.00
Deflt Blue Santa Christmas Ornament, 3.5 H
price: $6.00
sale: $4.00
Snow Globes

Dutch Windmill Snow Globe, 2.5 H
Sold Out
Dutch Windmill Snow Globe, 3.5 H
Sold Out
Dutch Themed Trinket Boxes

Egg-Shaped Delft Blue Box, 5.5 H
price: $16.00
sale: $11.00
Delft Blue Milkmaid, Trinket Box
Sold Out
Post Windmill, Trinket Box
Stage Windmill, Trinket Box
Canal Houses, Trinket Box
Sold Out
Canal House Trinket Box
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Dutch Themed Postcards

Dutch Post Card - Tulip Picker, 4 x6
price: $0.30/ea.
sale: $0.25/ea.
Sold Out

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