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Japanese Bento Box - Lunch Box Container with Compartments

Traditional Japanese Bento Box - Plastic Serving Trays with Lacquer Finish

Japanese Lacquerware
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Bento is the Japanese way of saying "take-out" meal, but bento boxes are typically used for serving meals at home or at sit-down restaurants. If you travel through Japan, you will find many restaurants serving food in bento boxes because they often have many compartments and make it easy to store food. Many bento boxes, such as our own, have a lacquer surface, which leave the boxes with an attractive, glossy finish.

Bento boxes range from small to large, and from plain to uniquely decorated. They are great for serving your family, and even better to use when entertaining guests. There is no better way to serve an authentic Japanese meal than with our great bento boxes.

Traditional Bento Box Container with Build-in Compartment: 2pc. Set - Base & Lid

Japanese Bento Box with Built-In Compartment, 8  Square
price: $20.00
sale: $17.00
Restaurant Style Bento Box Container Without Cover: 2pc. Set - Base & Compartment

Lunch Box, Square Bento Box, 9  SQ
Sold Out
Fancy Bento Boxes: 3pc. Set - Base, Compartment & Lid

Japanese Bento Lunch Box with Cover, 9  Square
price: $26.00
sale: $24.00
Japanese Bento Lunch Box with Cover, 10-1/2  x 8
price: $24.00
sale: $20.00
Floral Lunch Box, Square Bento Box with Cover, 9-1/2  SQ
price: $32.00
sale: $25.00
Japanese Bento Lunch Box With Cover 11-3/4 x9-1/2
price: $35.00
sale: $30.00
Lunch Box, Wheels Bento Box 12 x10
Sold Out
Japanese 2-Tier Bento Box Container

Bento Box, 2-Tray Red Fan 6

Japanese Lacquerware
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