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Egyptian Souvenirs and Gifts from Egypt

Reproduction Art Gifts Based on the History of Ancient Egypt, Perhaps Over 5000 Years

Egypt is best known for travel as the home of ancient Egyptian civilization, with pyramids, temples, statues, mummies, and Gods and Goddesses of Egypt. Above all, the most popular visits are Pyramids in Giza. Happy Mall is pleased to offer you Egyptian souvenirs based on historical Egyptian icons and miniature models of astonish Egyptian landmarks.

Egyptian Sculptures & Reproductions
  • Pyramid Models
  • Mask of King Tutankhamun Replicas
  • Egyptian Statues
  • Patheon Figurines
Egyptian Sculpture
Papyrus Paintings, Small
  • Assorted Selections
  • Tree of Life
  • Royal Musician
  • Egyptian Pantheon
Egypt Papyrus Painting
Papyrus Paintings, Large
  • Large Winged Maat
  • Portraits of King Tut, Cleopatra, and Nefertari
  • Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
Egypt Papyrus Painting

Ancient Egyptians began to record their ideas, findings and events of their daily lives in manuscript form on Papyrus 5000 years ago. Papyrus, an ancient writing material, was manufactured using an aquatic plant in the delta of the river Nile.

The Egyptian paintings we offer are hand-painted onto papyrus. With large designs available in a variety of colors and sizes, these paintings are suitable for framing.