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Japanese Hannya Mask, Lucky Charm, 3.75"H

Japanese Hannya Mask, Lucky Charm, 3.75H
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  • This Noh Hannya demon mask is made of plastic with rhinestone eyes.
  • One side of this good luck charm or omamori reads "road safety" and the other side reads "bring new fortune and remove bad luck"
  • Large size: Hannya Mask is 3.75"H x 2.5"W, 12"H total with tassle and string
  • The tassel at the bottom is red color, while the loop string at the top for hanging may be red or bluish purple colors.
  • Made in Japan

The Hannya mask with its horns and sharp fangs is probably the best known of all Noh masks. The mask expresses the fury of a woman turned demon through jealousy and anger and who revenges by attacking. Hannya is translated as wisdom that understands the original way of life and also knows that the cause of the phenomenon is hidden and difficult to see or touch, but, also recognizes the highest truth.

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