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Wartburg Castle Tower Beer Stein, 12"H

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  ITEM-NO: STN-6243
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  • 12" Height
  • Stoneware, three-dimensional, entirely hand painted design.
  • 1996 Nominee Best Collector's Stein
  • Made in Germany

The Wartburg Castle was the model and inspiration for this stein. However, the stein also serves as a tribute to the masterful and impressive stone fortresses that prevailed throughout early Europe, so soundly constructed that many still stand today. Not only do these structures represent strength and defense from all intruders, but they also evoke romantic fantasies of an era of chivalry with knights, damsels, kings and an occasional sorcerer.

The stein has been precision sculpted in the figural relief style, creating a panoramic view of this tower's intricate stone construction. Vines, windows, archways and turrets accent the stein. The gateway is located opposite the handle and provides an authentic view of Wartburg. Two archways and stone walls form the stein's handle.

The stein is made of finest grade stoneware and is entirely hand painted. The very top of the tower is separately cast of stoneware and mounted on the pewter lid. This is the 11th edition in the limited-edition stein series entitled "Germany's Most Beautiful Citadels, Castles, and Buildings". Limited edition of 9,000 pieces. Individually numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity.