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Anubis Scales of Justice Figurine, 7.5"H

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  • Impressive designer detail sculpting of Anubis attending the "Weighing of the Heart" scale, cast in quality resin
  • Material: hand painted cold cast resin
  • Size: L: 4.25" x W: 3.75" x H: 7.5"
  • Weight: 14.9 ounces
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Anubis is the Greek name of a god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion, usually depicted as a canine or a man with a canine head.

One of the roles of Anubis was as the "Guardian of the Scales." The critical scene depicting the weighing of the heart, in the Book of the Dead, shows Anubis performing a measurement that determined whether the person was worthy of entering the realm of the dead.